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Working Process of Telecom Billing Software

Sandra Miller

In most cases, a telecommunication company not just provides fixed telephone lines to its customers, but more than that. It can provide mobile service, broadband internet and many more. Therefore, a creating a bill for every customer is generally a complicated task using the old or traditional methods. In recent years, telecommunication companies make use of the telecom billing system as it simplifies the billing job for the telecom companies. The job of this system is to map the customers’ usage and generate the total bill according to the usage.

Now let us look how a telecom billing system generates bill for its customer. First, a new customer is given an ID, which is linked to the billing system. The billing system determines the billing plan of the customer and categorizes it appropriately to calculate the charges, duration, roaming charges, data usage and many more. The billing system records almost all the usage activities of the customers such as incoming calls, outgoing calls, long calls, etc. Additionally, the system also records information on discounts and complaints.

The information and data stored by the billing system can be accessed anytime by the authorized person. Sometimes, it will also allow the customers to see the call costs in real time. The bill amount is updated according to the Call Detail Records. The billing system generates at the end of the billing cycle. Based on the requirements, the billing system can also send the bills through email and SMS. Today, telecom billing plays a vital role in customer relationship management. Telecom companies with effective and transparent billing systems are preferred more.

There are many telecom billing software available in the market. Sophisticated billing software offers more options and customizations to its customers. It helps the telecom companies to maximize the profits and improve their customer satisfaction by many folds. It also helps to avoid the possible billing errors that happens during manual billing process.