About Me

Hi, everyone! This is Sandra Miller. I am a telecommunications specialist who oversees the installation, maintenance, and efficiency of the different telecommunication segments such as the internet, telephone and television services. As a big sector specialist with a lot of expertise ranging over two decades, I concentrate on the wired telecommunications systems. I and my team of telecommunication specialists often serve the role of client representatives by providing support, organizing maintenance related services and offering technical assistance. I always analyze the impact of telecommunication in the current business world. I have a passion towards writing, and this is the reason for me to write this blog that gives an insight on telecommunication and its impact. Hope my blog is useful for those who want to know the telecommunication and its role in detail.

Welcome to my blog! I am a telecommunications specialist who is working in this field for around eight years. My duties as a telecommunications specialist are to oversee cable end preparation, configuring networks, cable pulling and installation, building up high-tech telecom networks, and cable splicing and testing. I am specialized in the cable to modem communication and data communication segments in the industry. I had interest in the telecommunications industry and the latest technologies that emerged in the field right from a young age, and this led me to specialize in this career so that my interest is not compromised for a career.

Hello, friends! Welcome to this website! I did a high school diploma to enter the engineering industry to establish a career, and that is when I came across the career option of becoming a telecommunications specialist. I realized that I need not get any specialized higher education to get into this role, and my strong math and engineering skills helped me get the job as a telecommunications specialist at a reputed company. I gained most of the skills and responsibilities while I was on the job. Also, the extensive job training programs helped me gain the position I am in now, and I could prepare the new employees as well. My advice to those who seek to become specialists in the industry is to stay updated to the latest technologies and services that are introduced in the field.