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Telephone Recording Software Companies

Sandra Miller

If you deal with customers over the phone, you really need to be recording your calls. You’d be doing yourself a disservice otherwise.

Consider what would happen if a misunderstanding arises. Perhaps one in which hundreds of dollars are on the line. It’s unfortunate to say, but without any concrete proof most businesses might decide to eat that cost in the name of saving face and keeping a customer. If you only had a recording of the conversation that was easy to pull up and listen to…

Or what about your employees? I’m not talking about keeping track of who takes the most calls in an hour or who isn’t properly saying “have I gone above and beyond today?” Although you certainly could micro manage to that extent, I’m simply talking about having the ability to go back and listen to calls in order to identify trends so that you might, for example, update your website with an answer to head off any calls, thus freeing up your valuable human assets for other efforts.

Here is my list of the top five telephone recording software companies and a brief description of each.

Salesforce CTI

Created by NewVoiceMedia, Salesforce CTI puts your customer communication and data all in one place. Its cloud based, which makes it easy for employees to access from different locations. Employees can route calls efficiently and track data to identify pain points. Using their interface, you can stop and start a recording at any point during the call, and filter the call by phone number, representative name, date, etc.


PhoneBurner is more than a call recording platform. Billed as a “Power Dialer and Sales Acceleration platform,” it’s pretty much all you need if you run a hefty phone operation. It makes it easy to speed dial, leave voicemails, and connect your agents with live customers when cold calling. PhoneBurner is a highly rated, much used platform and it’s easy to see why. The call recording is like an added bonus.


Office Automatic Call Recording from RingCentral is an easy to set up service. After just a few clicks, you can enable this feature for one or multiple employees, and save up to one hundred thousand calls which you can access with a click of the button for playback and review.


Five9 Call Recording Software tracks and retains your conversations. What makes Five9 stand out is the filtering capabilities, which allow you to easily identify the recordings that require your review, based upon your specifications.

Marketing 360 CRM

With a 45-day free trial for small businesses, you can see for yourself why Marketing 360’s CRM is an award winning product. They offer the basics when it comes to call recording—things like creating custom fields to track client information you deem pertinent, assign certain contacts to the appropriate employee, and so on. You can also access CRM from anywhere you have an internet connection.

These are just the top five examples out of the highest rated telephone recording software companies. What do you currently use?

Your Phone Call May be Monitored or Recorded

Sandra Miller


The term telephone recording system refers to the hardware or software used to record and monitor client calls, most often involving a multi-line phone system.

It can be used to directly record calls involving agent and client or act as a virtual receptionist. Gone are the days where the woman with the beehive and pointed spectacles does her best to write down the concerns of the customer on a pre-printed message form.

A telephone recording system allows the person on the business end of the call to retain information for review and the client to receive the best customer service possible.

Legal Considerations:

So, what about privacy? There are laws in place at the Federal and State levels protecting individuals from having their privacy violated. The two most important considerations are to inform and to receive consent.

Most telephone recording systems inform the client before talking to the representative that the call may be or will be monitored or recorded. Many businesses also remind the customer about the recording policy once they are speaking with them person to person.

It is assumed that if they leave a message on a recorded line that, of course, their message is also recorded. The legislation in many states also allows for such recordings under the “one consent” law, meaning that only one of the parties needs to consent to the recording or that an established relationship with the person will legalize the recording.

It is important to note too, that if a person states they do not wish to be recorded during a live call, that request must be honored.

Benefits to Lawyers:

A law firm is the perfect example of a business which can take advantage of a telephone recording system. The information they provide and receive is often of the utmost importance for legal cases and other matters. Specific benefits of a recording system include the following:

• Cost reduction- A telephone recording system eliminates the need for an employee answering phones. If the firm employs a receptionist, it allows that person to greet in person clients and perform other tasks.
• Relevant information is given up front- A recorded phone service may provide information such as location, hours, and fees.
• Direct connection to a particular attorney- The phone system can be set up so the client is connected to the private line of their specific attorney, with the opportunity of leaving them a confidential message.
• Improved training- The ability to monitor calls or record them for future reflection, is an invaluable tool for learning and improving customer service skill.
• Tracking costs and trends- Many professional phone systems have the ability to categorize costs and report or even predict trends and future needs.
• Allowing VIP treatment to specific clients- Most professional phone systems allows for filtering, including giving high priority clients preferential treatment.

There are several systems on the market. The size of the firm and nature of the practice will help determine which system is the most effective.

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Telecomm Equipments For Small Businesses

Sandra Miller

When you look at telecom products, there are enough things to get confused. These companies have filled up people’s mind with commercials and campaigns. They portray their offers in such a way that it seems really beneficial to the customers. This is not all as the creative and innovative force driving this industry today is incredible. Various celebrities are used to popularize their campaigns. People seeing their favorite stars get attracted to the product. Companies are coming up with many promotional techniques. Each technique has got a new outlook. This business has become competitive that there is no looking back.

Before making the purchase, make sure you go through a proper inspection of the products you are going to select. Do not trust the advertisements blindly. Telecomm equipment is a very important part of every industry. It helps one department in staying connected with the other. Any disruption in communication can lead to the hindrance of daily activity. When you are planning to buy telecom equipment for your small company, there are a few things you should include in your checklist. Budgeting is very essential and the foremost thing. Once the budget is decided, search services within your range.

Negotiation always helps. Never take it as a negative impression of your personality. There is nothing wrong in negotiating as it is just smart shopping. Instead of getting controlled by the promotional campaigns, you should search for the real content. Make a list of functions you need and then select the options out. There are many products, and you cannot buy all of them. Make a decision in favor of the product that best serves your purpose for a longer duration of time. The equipment must be user friendly, and hi-fi equipment can be a huge turn off for your organization. Cabling should also be taken into consideration while selecting telecom equipment.

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